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Kaine's Rebellion

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His ship is lost and his crew is missing...

Oberon is a world at war, torn apart by open rebellion. Hayden Kaine and his ship's human/AI hybrid, Cora, find themselves caught up in the planetary conflict when their ship, Scimitar, is destroyed, and they are marooned on the planet.

But, is the ship really destroyed?

Damaged in the crash of their escape pod, Cora claims to hear Scimitar calling to her across interdimensional space. Fearing that she is going mad, Kaine must cross rebel held territory to reach the government forces who can give him access to the technology he needs to save his only surviving friend.

But he is conflicted when he learns the unsettling truth about the Confederation his family has served for generations.

Torn between saving Cora and righting a wrong perpetrated on countless worlds, Hayden Kaine must make the most difficult decision of his life.
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