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Shattered Empire Super Omnibus

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Lurking at the fringes of human occupied space, a malevolent alien species prepares for an invasion that will overwhelm the unsuspecting Grand Terran Confederation.

Hayden Kaine is a young officer on his first deep space mission aboard the UEF Scimitar. When the ship becomes trapped in a quarantined star system, Kaine and the crew become the only ones who can warn the Confederation. But first, they must survive an encounter with creatures whose very existence defies the laws of physics.

So begins the saga which chronicles the fall of the Grand Terran Confederation, an empire that has lasted for five hundred years, and the chaos that rises to replace it.

This omnibus edition contains the first four novels of the Shattered Empire series plus 2 prequel short stories:

The Arno Manoeuvre

Kaine's Sanction

Broken Sword

Kaine's Retribution

Kaine's Reparation

Kaine's Rebellion

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