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Fifteen years have passed since Earth's colonies forged independent worlds from the ashes of the old empire. But the spectre of the fallen looms large as a re-emergent Terra hungers for dominance, igniting a relentless campaign to reclaim lost territories.

Hayden Kaine has become a beacon of hope for the dwindling number of former colonies that wish to retain their independence from the old regime.

As the Grand Terran Confederation flexes its military might through a new armada of formidable ships, Kaine discovers with growing dismay that the advanced alien technology that once promised to reunite humanity is now being used to subjugate it.

With the resistance forces facing annihilation, Kaine unearths a shocking revelation that sends tremors through his understanding of the cosmos: the Glenatat alien race he believed to be allies are clandestinely aiding his enemies. Humanity, it seems, is but a pawn in a vast, inscrutable game played by forces beyond comprehension.

Kaine navigates the treacherous realms of politics and war, determined to uncover the enigmatic agenda of the Glenatat and halt a peace process that threatens to shackle humanity once more. The stakes are higher than ever as he endeavours to expose the truth, even if it means confronting uncomfortable realities about his former allies and the very nature of the universe itself.

In Kaine's Regret, loyalty, betrayal, and the human spirit collide in a sweeping sci-fi epic that determines the fate of an entire galaxy.

Coming Spring 2024

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