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Mother of Mars

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An ageless menace lurks on the surface of Mars...

An unscrupulous industrialist seeks to control it...

One woman was bred to destroy it...

In the twenty-third century the descendants of the original Mars colonies struggle to retain their independence from the Terran government. The generations-old terraforming project is faltering and on the verge of failure. If that happens, the millions already adapted to the harsh Martian environment will be doomed, never able to return to an overpopulated Earth.

Dr. Melanie Destin believes she's escaped her troubled past by moving to the elite Mars orbital habitat, Olympia. After establishing a lucrative medical practise, she soon discovers she has puzzling ties to her new planet that she cannot explain. 

While searching for answers to her mysterious past, she becomes embroiled in political intrigue initiated by an eccentric industrialist, determined to seize control of the government. When the Martian High Chancellor is assassinated, Mel becomes the prime suspect and is forced to flee.

On the run, with a price on her head and the authorities in close pursuit, she must evade capture long enough to save her life by accomplishing the one thing she was bred for. 

Little does she her act of valour could make her the catalyst for the destruction of all life in the solar system.
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