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Child of Mars

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An oppresive dictator...
A mysterious orphan...
A reluctant heroine...

It is the twenty-third century and Mars is being terraformed into a new garden of Eden. But all is not well in this soon-to-be paradise. A ruthless despot has seized control of the government and rules the planet with an iron fist. A rebel force struggles to oppose his regime, but are near defeat.

A fugitive, and living under an alias, Melanie Destin is a travelling doctor, tending the suffering Martian population. When circumstances make her responsible for a young orphan, she soon discovers the girl comes with a terrifying that binds them to each other.

Persued by a ruthless government assassin, Mel must get the girl to safety before they are both captured. If she fails, the secrets hidden within the child's genes will make a dictatorĀ unstoppable and forever change the course of human history in the solar system.
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