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Europa's Revenge

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Revenge comes at a price...

In the Galilean colonies of the outer solar system, water is a resource more precious than gold. When someone begins stealing it from under the noses of the Jovian Collective, they send for their best operatives to correct the situation.

Assassins for hire, Sean and Siobhan Ikiedo, are sent to shut down the pirate operation that has plagued the Europa Colony for months. Little do they realize that the man they are ordered to eliminate holds the answer to an unsolved mystery they have pursued for ten years.

Someone in the Jovian Collective is going to extraordinary lengths to prevent the twins from discovering who murdered their parents, and their assignment quickly reveals itself to be a trap designed to ensnare and destroy them as well.
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Gary Olsen

1 month ago

Very good addition to the Melanie Destin Chronicles

This is a very enjoyable short story focusing on the Ikiedo assassins who we meet in the Melanie Destin Chronicles. Their main goal is to find out who murdered their parents, but nothing is easy.

I totally enjoy the Melanie Destin Chronicles and this story fits very nicely into the overall story arc. I definitely recommend this book.

Happy Hank

1 month ago

Happy Hank

I am a long term fan of Pruden's writtings. And he keeps getting better! A continous flow of action and great details make me feel I am in the story as I read along!I It was nice to get more background on the twins who are really expert paid killers. This is a very good introduction to his writting style.